Wherever component parts are assembled we feel at home

We have gained our tools and expertise from the automotive sector and were able to transfer this knowledge to many other industries. Today we are also involved in aircraft, medical care and consumer products industries.

An interdiciplinary team of experienced assembly experts guarantees successful project work by Plan B assembly planning. In addition to engineers of various disciplines our team is made up of constructors, programmers and business economists. This range ensures that complex tasks of assembly planning are viewed and reflected and considered from all necessary perspectives.

Planning in every detail

D. Wilhelm, B. Kalusche
Head of department planning

Planning modules


Assembly Process

With customized planning modules we are able to support concept development up to running production. All our planning projects start with a thorough analysis of both product and process. Our planning always proceeds "from the inside out", targeting your specific priorities.

The combination of planning and realization of assembly planning projects is our unique selling proposition. On completion of the conception and planning phase, we provide assistance in the selection of suppliers and in implementation or we can completely realize the project with our department of special-purpose engineering, Plan B assembly solutions. In any case, valuable experiences gained from such projects flow directly back into our planning team.

Wherever component parts are assembled, we feel well acquainted in those industries. Our tools have been gained from automotive sector and we transfer this knowledge to aircraft, solar and consumer products industries.

What about you - what product do YOU assemble?

The apparently impossible does not intimidate us.

Digital Planning

Assembly processes and material flows are complex issues. Our simulation tools aim at making your manufacturing system manageable and comprehensible. Increase your productivity and benefit from resources in order to cut costs and optimize your employees working conditions.

  • Human Simulation
  • Material flow simulation
  • Machine simulation

With these building blocks we set up your production virtually. Your individual requirements determine the level of detail - from examining basic concepts up to a fully functinal digital twin of your facility.

Benefits and goals of the digital factory are more efficiency, an icrease of planning quality, an abridged product launch and standardized planning processes.

Visit our website »Digital Factory«

We develop and optimize your technical concepts

Plant designs

Beyond process planning we develop precise technical concepts for workstations, transport solutions, automatic stations and robot cells. By means of profound construction expertise and most andvanced tools for 3D-construction and simulation we create a functional basis for subsequent detailed constructions. Due to the development of various concept designs all influencing factors can be discussed and considered according to their priority at a very early project phase.

The evaluation of existing installations and their optimization requires the same approach and expertise as well. In many cases we were able to increase the plant efficiency significantly by specific modifications. For changes of cycle time or the introduction of new products we can handle the complete conversion planning. Thus the subsequent use of facilities offers significant potential for cost savings.

As with process development we always proceed holistically. Technical aspects such as mechanics, electricity and IT connection play just as important a role as issues of operablity and ergonomics.

Project management

A view from outside has often led to significant changes. As external project management Plan B benefits from not being directly involved in operational hierarchies. You will be surprised how quick we get familiar with your company, your systems and the characteristics of your production. We assume responsibility  - open communication despite awkward issues and a close integration within the team have always proved to be a guarantee for success.

Our thinking and acting is always project-related and in consequence inter-divisional. We consider individual, operational framework conditions, deadlines, costs and resources and achieve agreed project targets by providing professional stimuli and motivating the existing team.


White Paper »Assembly Planning«

Assembling represents the core business of many companies. In order to gain a maximum benefit from it, the added value taking place here needs to be planned optimally. Being able to manufacture flexibly and prompt new product variants and to react to quantity changes is crucial for competitive advantage. The investment both in assembly systems and the related IT-technology should be characterized by long-term-usability and variablity. Fundamental requirements such as efficiency, ergonomics and energy efficiency are equally provided as the achievement of 100% product quality.

Planning and construction of assembly systems is a complex and profound matter. Our free white paper "Assembly Planning in Practice - the Plan B Method" will provide a comprehensive overview and summarize key elements and the essential procedure.

If you are interested we will send you a download link via e-mail.

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